You have even thought of doing it for a business. BUT...

  • What if I don't have a lot of money to get started?

  • What if I set it up wrong?

  • How to do bookkeeping & taxes?

  • How will I know how to market it?

  • Will it give me enough income?

  • What if I fail?

  • Am I good enough at what I do?

Every entrepreneur has these same questions in the beginning?

But, where do you go for answers?

You could go to expensive Lawyers & CPS's.

But wouldn't you rather use that money to fund your new business?

You could go to busy business owners.

But what if they are too busy to help or not in the right frame of mind?

You could go to family & friends.

But what if they don't have the information YOU need?

You could go to any one of hundreds of infomercials.

But what if those big price tags are a scam?

WHAT IF... an online course could give you the answers you need? Not just theory, but step by step instructions?

You can join live or watch recorded video

You will never lose access to the information

You will have immediate access to the private FB page

“I have known Nancy Jackson for twenty years and can attest to her knowledge and experience in business start-up, planning and execution. Nancy's past successes testify to her knowledge and abilities--don't waste a minute wondering if she can help you!”


- LindaS @LCarol Designs

What do you get?

  1. 6-week online course

  2. 11 modules

  3. Access to private FB group

  4. 6-live Q&A sessions

  5. 1 workbook to take notes

    and organize your ideas

Optional bonus modules

and 1 hour 1:1 coaching

topics of discussion...

  • What type of business entity is right for you and how you can set it up yourself.

  • Why the name is so important and how to choose a good one.

  • Setting up federal tax id's and state sales tax.

  • Banking. Bookkeeping, and Branding

  • Websites, Graphics, and Marketing?

Don't let this affordable opportunity pass you by! Take this first step to making your dreams come true!

The Hobby 2 Business

6-week course answers the question...

"Can I take my hobby and turn it into a business for next to nothing?"

Lesson 1 - Naming Your Business

Lesson 2 - Register Your Business

Lesson 3 - Sales Tax ID

Lesson 4 - Federal Tax ID

Lesson 5 - Business Bank Accounts

Lesson 6 - Insurance

Lesson 7a - Branding

Lesson 7b- Graphics

Lesson 8 - Website

Lesson 9 - Social Media

Lesson 10 - Email Marketing

Lesson 11 - Next Steps


You really could make the hobby you love into a profitable business?

Don't let the fear of...


The Unknown

Lack of Knowledge

Keep you from making your dream come true!

“Over the last 16 or so years that I have known her, Nancy has proven to be a wonderful source of inspiration, support, and helpful instruction as I have grown my own art and graphic design business!  She has given me constructive feedback on my online presence, supported and reviewed new products I have created, given me advice on how to better market myself on social media, and has simply been a great sounding board for new ideas and concepts. 

I know I can trust her judgment because I have seen the care and time she has put into her own work throughout the years - we share the same dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and integrity in all that we do.  I greatly value her as an entrepreneurial ally and a guide in my business as I grow!”


- AK Westerman @AKOrganic Abstracts & Graphic Design